And he did...

Did I ever tell you about the man who changed my life?
The one I thought, ohhh Lord, when I saw him walkin' back in that bar, all tall and lean with them broad shoulders, sweeeet lips, I knew that I had died and gone to. . .
Chocolate Heaven. . .

He had a real deep voice, white pearly teeth, his shoe was always shiny
Long slender fingers manicured perfectly
The man wore 800-dollar Italian suit, straight from, I dunno, what would they call it - Milan or Rome or someplace like that?
I knew it wasn't local.

I said, I got to get next to that
I haven't seen him in a long time
The man was so fine, he could get any good girl into trouble. . .
Can you guess what his name was?
Well. . . The Jackal. . .

He was fat back cat cool like a Friday afternoon martini, chillin' at a quarter after 5
Twist of lime, Coke on the side
The brother loved the high life
Had a Ph.D. in street stride
They called him The Jackal

He was big Mack daddy super black stylin' a diamonds in the back Cadillac
Fur-lined boards, white wall wheels, cruise control, built for speed, chrome on evray-thang
And stereophonic speakers, though he really didn't need them
When they called him. . . The Jackal

Fly boy was in the buttermilk, hard, livin' fast, livin' large, 6 foot 4 and not an ounce of fat!
When women asked, 'is you a Cat?' He said I did more that that
I'm the firmest of the firm
And in case you, hadn't known, they call me The Jackal

Served the 18-year bid,
First Reicker's Island then they hid him in the state penitentiary
Said the charge was Grand Larceny
That was 1975, and today, if he's still alive, he'd be living in the park
Hm. The brother whose claim to fame was that they called him The Jackal

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