- Dance for me... come on, dance... for me.
- Sure, why not... why not.
- Don't fall in love with me Coleman. We're just a man and a woman in a room alone, right here, right now. Nothing else matters. Don't fuck it up.
- This is more than sex.
- No, it's not. You just forgot what sex is.
- Did I? Dance for me.
- You're way too young for me. I need a man much older than you. Someone... at least a hundred... Know anyone in a wheelchair?
I'll do whatever you want. How many times have you heard a woman say that and really mean it?
I see you Coleman. You wanna know what I see? I see anger, I see shame. I see everything.
- Is that a fact?
- You can't have secrets with me.
- You never know.

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