Nadam se da me nećete pogrešno shvatiti...

The brain in women has been shown to be an estrogen target organ. Common symptoms are shared by women complaining of PMS, postpartum blues, the perimenopausal transition and menopause: depression, sleep disturbance, irritability, anxiety and panic, memory and cognitive dysfunction and a decreased sense of well-being. The antiestrogens progesterone, progestin and tamox-ifen may also elicit these same symptoms. It is proposed that whenever brain estrogen levels fall below the minimum brain estrogen requirement, for whatever reason and at whatever age, brain center dysfunction may ensue.
Does Alcohol Damage Female Brains More? The findings reinforce the idea that biological differences between male and female brains contribute to increased damage in women, including larger reductions in brain volume and increases in cerebrospinal fluid volume.

... ali da mi je muški mozak da odmorim malo.

izvorno ovde i ovde.


bokela said...

Iznajmiću ti ja moj.
Dogovorićemo se oko cene/satu, danu, mesecu.

natty said...

oket. ti plaćaš meni naravno

bokela said...

što bih ti plaćao?
meni tvoj mozak ne treba :)

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